CGC Subscription Renewed: What to Send In?

During my first ever subscription to CGC, I only sent in books that were intended for my permanent collection (PC).  The turnaround times took a lot longer than I anticipated because I decided to use CCS (CGS’s in-house pressing service), but I was actually happy with the overall results of the grades (see previous blog entry: My First CGC Submission).  Although this was the only submission I sent in for the duration of my subscription, there were additional comics I wanted to submit.  However, it wasn’t until I arrived to Germany and my belongings were delivered that I decided to renew my subscription.  The big difference this time was that my main motivation was to generate as much profit as possible and not worry about the PC.  After screening candidates for the submission, I determined that my best bet to make a profit would be to submit the following comics:

Eternals #1

Nova #1

Invaders #7, 30 cent variant (two copies)

Tomb of Dracula #25 (two copies) 

I wanted to make sure the entire $150 credit was exhausted, but I still had enough credit to grade two more comics.  Since I didn’t have any additional Bronze Age comics that I am speculating on, I had to choose Modern Age comics from my inventory.  I decided to resubmit my CBCS 9.4 New Mutants #98 because of I felt as though CBCS graded too stringently and the book was at least a 9.6.  Also, the ugly “rivet” label really detracted how good the book really looked. The second book needed to have the best chance of receiving a 9.8, otherwise I risked the chances of generating huge losses.  After much internal deliberation, I decided to submit my copy of 100 Bullets #1. 

Not my actual copy

I chose this comic for a couple of reasons.  First, I chose it because it was a solid 9.8 candidate.  A CGC 9.8 can sell anywhere from $180 to $200, including shipping.  Sadly, most of my other non-PC modern spec books are $1 bin finds and don’t have this type of potential.  Secondly, I genuinely feel that any type of news on this comic will help it explode.  At one point in time, Tom Hardy was rumored to be connected with a project, but nothing ever came of it. 

Since I’m in no real rush to off load it, I can sit on it for a while before I decide to flip it.  I’ve noticed that at any given time, there aren’t too many listed at once.  Either way, a CGC 9.8 hold or quick sell is a win.  But only if my copy comes back in a 9.8.  I’ll probably update this post, or do another write up on the whole submission when I get it back.

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I'm a long time comic book collector and part time speculator.

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