CGC Subscription Renewed: An Update

Back in late October of 2019, I finally decided to submit my second batch of comics to CGC.  On December 4th, I decided to login to my account and see if there was a status update on my submission.  To my astonishment, the first part of my submission showed that it was finalized and pending shipment.  I clicked on the link and the grades for the Bronze Age comics were extremely low in my opinion.  Once I clicked on each of the “Grader Notes” links, I realized that the comics were never pressed.  I quickly called up their customer service department and explained that there was an error on their part.  The customer service person told me that they would get an update to see where the comics were in the actual shipping process.  Thankfully, she took quick action and the comics were pulled from the shipping department before UPS had arrived to complete their daily pickup. 

Before Pressing.

After waiting another month and a half, I signed into my account to check the status.  Six of the eight comics that were submitted had been pressed, graded and were awaiting shipment.  Although my Nova #1 came in slightly under my estimated grade, I was undoubtedly excited about the updated grades for my comics.  I was especially excited that my copy of Eternals #1 came in at 9.6, slightly higher than my original 9.4 estimate.  As of this writing, there is about a $100 difference in eBay sales for 9.4s vs. 9.6s.  This will definitely make up for the Nova #1 coming in at 9.2 and those off-white to white pages.  Once the first trailer for Eternals is released, my copy will be listed on eBay.

After Pressing!

As for the Invaders #7 30 Cent Price Variants, I’ll be holding on to those for some time.  I’ve been speculating that Union Jack will eventually make it to the MCU in some form or fashion.  These comics will be an easy sell at any time, so I’m in no hurry to offload them.    

My Actual Copy

I was also very pleased that my copy of 100 Bullets #1 came in at 9.8.  I’m no grading expert, but I feel as though I’m finally able to spot potential 9.8 candidates.  As most collectors know, grading is quite subjective.  I’m of the opinion that any modern comics that don’t grade at 9.8 can result in negative returns on investment.  Of course, there are always exceptions.  Finally, my copy of New Mutants #98 received a grade bump and came back at 9.6. It was originally a CBCS 9.4.

Grade Bump!

Although most of my CGC submission was completed, I don’t know why the two copies of Tomb of Dracula #25 were not pressed and graded simultaneously with the rest of the submission (they’re still showing as “Received”).  It’s a good thing I’m in no hurry for those to be graded either.  If Hannibal King makes it to the MCU, those comics will be an easy sell as well. 

Overall, I continue to be impressed with the results of my CGC submissions.  So much so, that I’ve already started preparing my next one!

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I'm a long time comic book collector and part time speculator.

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