CGC Submission #3: I Never Make It Easy For Myself!

About a month and a half ago, I picked up copies of Miles Morales: Spider-Man #13, the first appearance of Billie Morales; Miles’ little sister.  I picked up two standard editions and one copy of each variant for slightly over cover price (the euro is slightly more than the U.S. dollar).  Now, I won’t take credit for this speculation pick, but my goal is to try and take advantage of the market if Billie Morales becomes a thing.  I initially put them on one of the buy/sell/trade pages I follow.  However, I noticed that prices for 13c were creeping up, so I decided to remove them from the group page.  Even though recent eBay sales of this comic have been raw copies, it’s only a matter of time before CGC slabs start hitting the market. 

My actual copy.

On speculation picks like this, speed is of the essence.  This prompted me to start considering CCS’s quick press service and get the comics graded a.s.a.p.  In order to use the quick press service, I would be required to submit at least 15 comics.  Here is where my problem lies.  I don’t’ have very many 9.8 candidates in my inventory.  I had the same problem with my previous submission.  After spending hours on selecting and preparing comics for my submission, I decided that I would put together a batch of comics that were both for the PC and for flipping.  Here is what I came up with for my submission: 

Captain America Vol. 5 #6

Captain America Vol. 5 #34 (Newsstand)

Captain America #616 ($6.99 Newsstand Edition)

Captain Marvel Vol. 4, #16

Evil Ernie #1 (Read about how I found this one in my previous blog entry)

G.I. Joe, A Real American Hero #1

Hulk #1 (Wizard World Los Angeles Variant)

Incredible Hulk #600 ($5.99 Newsstand Edition)

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #13b

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #13c

Monstress #1

Spawn #175

Umbrella Academy FCBD

Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion #5b (two copies)

After I input all of the comics into the CGC website, printed the packing slip, and prepared the shipment, I realized that only a fraction of my submission was for flipping.  I looked at the total on the packing slip ($437) and a moment of clarity came over me.  I was not ready to commit to that amount of cost.  Not because of my speculation picks, which aren’t hard to pick out from my list, but because I wasn’t ready to incur the cost of slabbing comics for the PC.  To be honest, I mostly flip comics for fun and possibly pick up some keys for my collection.  Quite simply, I don’t have the resources to simply submit batches of comics at will.  For the next 2 ½ years, I can’t even sell anything directly on eBay to help cover costs and reach a zero-cost portfolio.  In order to mail stuff from an APO, you have to follow a lot of rules.  Selling stuff on eBay is not permitted.  If I do end up selling anything, it will have to be via a buy/sell/trade group. 

After some self-reflection and a reevaluation of my goals, I decided to significantly cut back on my submission.  Here’s what I ultimately came up with:

Evil Ernie #1

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #13c

Spawn #175 (One of two copies I picked up for just over $6. The other copy is probably a 9.4, so I’ll eventually end up bundling it with #174 {not CGC worthy} and sell them raw.)

Here is my justification:

There is no rush to get Evil Ernie #1 or Spawn #175 pressed and graded.  They are an easy sell, no matter when I got them back,   The only risk I am assuming is for the Miles Morales: Spider-Man #13 variant.  Even then, it’s a low-cost risk.  If Marvel Comics decides on a long-term play with the character, or if she somehow makes it to the next Miles Morales Spider-Man movie, I don’t think I can lose.  It also helps that I picked up the comic at slightly over cover, so I’m going to roll the dice. I’ll just have to figure out how to move it. Another problem for another time. I just don’t make these things easy for myself!

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